Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday: New Task Day!

Happy Sunday!  Today is the day of the week that I assign myself a new daily task.  Since I'm doing so well keeping up with my other daily tasks, I believe that this week's task will not be too much of an additional job.  This week's new habit is to do a quick 5 minute pick-up daily.  Ideally, this would take place in the evenings, right before bed.  But since I go to bed during the day and night (depending on my work schedule), I think that just a loose "tidy up 5 minutes before I lay horizontal" is sufficient.  *Grins*

Obviously, straightening up 5 minutes a day will not be sufficient in keeping the house looking nice.  But, since I have started timing myself doing my tasks and housework, I have been pleasantly surprised by how little time these tasks actually take.  This 5 minute tidy, however, is in addition to my other daily tasks.  For example, opening the mail and scooping the litterbox are not included in my 5 minute tidy.  I believe that a daily 5 minute touch-up is exactly what my home needs.

On another, unrelated note:  my blog traffic has increased dramatically!  And that has made me so happy!  In fact, yesterday alone had 21 pageviews.  Now if I can lure more commenters my way....  :)

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