Thursday, February 16, 2012

Organizing Office Files...A Work in Progress

This weekend, I started a project of moving all the papers from my office 2-drawer filing cabinet to binders and banker's boxes.  While this project is still a work in progress, I am already pleased with how much easier it will be to access the appropriate paperwork in the binders versus scrounging around in the filing cabinet...AKA "The Black Hole."

This weekend, I found several piles of papers (like, an ungodly amount) that I had hidden in, what was I'm sure, a rushed "Oh my goodness, the inlaws are coming over in 10 minutes!" home clean-up Stash and Dash.  (Like my run-on sentence?)  Anyways, after coming across all these papers, I realized that I have to find a better system for my incoming papers.  As far as mail goes, I feel like I'm doing quite well with keeping up with the papers and processing them as soon as they come into the house.  But, it's all that OTHER paper that's been hanging around my house for years and years that I don't know what to do with. 

Here's some things that I found out:
*  I haven't balanced the checkbook since April 2011.
*  I haven't balanced our three savings accounts in over two years.
*  I apparently stashed an electric bill from November 2010.  (Thank goodness we have autopay.)
*  I also found three of Frank's paystubs from May and June 2010.

I'm still processing my paper piles, all the while cussing myself for letting it get so out of hand.  Meanwhile, I'm feeling much better about the amount of sheer crap that is leaving my house.

And that feels good.

Below:  Kiwi is helping me organize!

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