Saturday, February 25, 2012

Feelin' Good Friday--Values

Okay, so it's not Friday, but I was a little overbooked yesterday and something had to give, so it was the blog.  But, keeping my promise from Thursday to discuss values, I have decided to post this a day late.  Besides, I think this is an important blog post...

From time to time, everyone will go through a "funk."  I recently had one of those funks.  For about 8 months.  It was a personal problem, that at this time, I am not comfortable with discussing with the world.  This "personal problem" made me feel very bad about myself.  I felt like a failure despite my family and friends' unending support.  Finally, a friend told me that I was not the same person she met several years ago.  In part, I think that some of the changes in me were a product of maturity and the typical nurse's "gallows humor."  But, I knew what she was referencing, because I felt it too.  There was a huge difference between my normal sarcasm and the pessimistic cynicalism that I had been subjecting myself to lately.  I decided that life was too short to life that way.  I spoke with a healthcare provider (that is also a good friend) and she and I came up with a game plan for me.  A pharmaceutical game plan.  *Grins*  In all seriousness, I didn't realize how bad I felt until I started feeling better.  Which, incidentally, was about the time this blog was born.  Over the last several weeks, I am noticing that I am starting to feel better...even better than the "Old Me."  In fact, I feel like Superwoman.  I am unstoppable.

Part of my transformation-in-progress was pharmaceutical-assisted, yes, but I have been working hard to fix/mend my psyche, too.  And it all comes down to knowing what is important to you, knowing what you're values are.  Values vary from person to person.  Technically, the definition of "values" is:  "the importance or preciousness of something." 

I think it is important to list your values somewhere.  Somewhere you access fairly often, maybe your Home Management Binder or a journal.  It is nice to remind yourself of what ranks as important in your life.  It makes making decisions alot easier, too.  In a world where we are overbooked and frazzled, saying "Yes" to one more obligation may not seem like too much of a headache right now.  But in two months, it might be very difficult to juggle this new obligation with your current life.  When asked to take on a new task (like hosting the work Christmas party or planning a family member's wedding shower), ask yourself if this task will be more of a burden than it's worth.  If this new task or obligation doesn't fit into your set of values, then maybe it just isn't worth it.

To make a list of values, you might want to start with these questions:
  • What are the most important things/relationships in my life?  What are my values or what makes a rich life?
  • Do I work at maintaining these important relationships?
    • If no, do I have a plan to start reconnecting with these important values?
  • Do I give back to others?
After you have made your list of values, start working to put those values into action in your everyday life.  Appreciating those things that are important to you, puts meaning into your life.  It helps you to appreciate life for the gift that it is. 

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