Sunday, February 5, 2012

Almost time for bed...but first....

It was an excitingly dull 12.5 hours at work last night.  Nevertheless, I came home tired.  Although I feel a great deal better than earlier this week, I'm obviously still not 100% over the crud.  The Daily To-Do's have been done the last couple of days, so I can at least take pride in that.  As I type this, Frank is changing the sheets on our bed and has already done a load of laundry this morning.  (Bless him!)

I have decided that before I lie down this morning for my nap, I'm going to declutter some boxes in the laundry room.  We STILL haven't sorted through alot of the Christmas presents we got over a month ago and there are still several presents sitting patiently in their boxes, waiting to be used.  Or at least opened.  So, that's what I'm tackling before bed.  Wish me luck!

Today's To-Do's:  CHECK!

...45 minutes later:  I thought I was finished with my blog post, but I was so happy with my progress, I wanted to share!  I decluttered two large trash bags of cleaning supplies, candles, and air fresheners that I don't like or use.  I was able to add two baskets to my "Yard Sale" pile that I decluttered all the junk out of.  I washed out the plastic bins that I currently corral my junk in.  And I "delegated" my husband to sweep and mop the laundry room (including baseboards) today.  I was able to get all the boxes of gifts off the floor (they were blocking the door of my freezer opening) and onto shelves or on top of the upright freezer, itself.  And a few well-placed nails to hold a flyswatter, cat litter scoop, and a dust pan...and I was done!  GO ME!

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