Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How I Store Personal Care Items...Or At Least Some Of Them

Yesterday I blogged about my newly organized linen closet.  I shared pictures of the previous location of the medicine and I explained how the cabinet was just too small for our healthcare items.  You may remember my shelf of beauty products that was immediately below the area that I used to store medicine.  That area was a cluttered mess.  No matter how I straightened or rearranged, it was always a mess.  So I did something about it.  Here's the before picture:

Once I freed up the space in the top of the cabinet, I was able to move my seldom used and back-up items to that location.  The doors allow me to keep all the clutter hidden.  In the open shelf below, I have my items that I use daily or several times a week.  Since it is just a few items, I think that it is perfectly acceptable to leave those few items out.

My personal care products that I use daily.

On the very bottom of this cabinet, I have a little door.  This area of the cabinet I previously thought was useless.  For a while, I used it to hold spare toilet paper, but it would only hold two large rolls or three regular rolls.  The problem with that?  Out of sight and out of mind.  I’m the only person who uses this bathroom on a regular basis, so the few times that I ran out of toilet paper, it was my fault.  When I would grab the last toilet paper roll, I would forget to replace it with a few from our other storage space.  That’s a problem.

I have fixed that problem by moving the spare rolls to the very top of the cabinet.  When I use a couple of the spare rolls, I notice that there is a big hole on my shelf that needs to be filled.  So I fill it.  I know this seems stupid, but it is the little things like this that have made my life simpler over the last several weeks.

So, what did I do with that odd shaped space?  I put feminine items there.  My vanity is a little more than an arm’s length away from the toilet, so it was difficult to reach my personal care items.  I now have several of each of the feminine items that I use here.  The boxes with the remainder of these items are stashed in the back of my vanity.

Surprisingly, I actually do a pretty good job of keeping this area stocked.  Maybe it’s because I only have to access it a few days a month.  (TMI?)  Either way, these few changes have made getting ready each day so much easier.

My seldom used items.  I use these items less than once a week or so. 
There are also some back-up and extra supplies in this part of the cabinet.

Sorry for the picture quality.  My bathroom is literally four feet wide, so that makes getting "longview" pictures a pain.  But, I hope y'all get the idea.

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