Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day off

Today is Tuesday, my only real day off until Saturday.  I was able to catch up on some sleep today and lounge around a bit before being half-way productive.  I am planning on studying for an hour and then making supper.  (A quick Hot Ham and Cheese recipe.  Super yummy!)  After supper, I am going to do the dishes and wash clothes (so I have clean uniforms for work tomorrow and Thursday nights).  After all of that, I am going to sit down and clip coupons so I can grocery shop this weekend.

Truthfully, I am starting to get a little overwhelmed with working full-time nights and school...and keeping house and family/friend obligations, etc.  I am hoping that the next two years of school fly past quickly.  I am hoping that by next year I can go to days, but we are going to have to get some staff hired and trained on nights before that happens.  Enough whining...now back to business.

Yesterday was a total bomb.  I didn't do any of my daily tasks except feeding and watering the animals.  After working all night Sunday night and then class Monday morning, I was pooped when I got home at 12!  Thankfully, I am making up for it today.

Today's To-Do's:
Feed the critters:  CHECK!
Mail Call:  CHECK!  (Actually, there wasn't any mail today but I did take care of yesterday's pile.)
Check planner/calendar:  CHECK!
Purge:  CHECK, CHECK, CHECK!  (I chunked 2 large trash bags of crap today!)

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