Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 3: Busy Day!

It was busy last night at work, which is good.  (Job security!)  But, it made for a rough few hours this morning when I was driving and was SO sleepy.  I got off of work at 7:15 and drove over an hour to the college.  I got out of class at 10:45 and drove over an hour home.  Of course, the puppy (who had been in his kennel for over 5 hours) was wanting to we played.  Thankfully, he was ready for a nap after 30 minutes of fetch.  :)  Anyways, we went to bed at 12:15 and I got up at 3 to let the dogs out.  I've only dozed since then.  Hopefully I will sleep good tonight because I have alot to get done this weekend.

Today I only checked my planner/calendar and fed/watered the critters. But, that gives me a CHECK for today's To-Dos!  I don't necessarily feel accomplished, maybe it's because I only have done one thing around the house today.  I'm looking forward to when I can sit and relax or study and not feel the pull of other "household" obligations.  (I.E.--The stinky-ass dishes in the sink, dirty laundry piled high, and that damn laundry basket that is STILL in the dining room floor.)

I have got some organizing and decluttering projects to do this weekend.  I also have to do some homework, grocery shop, and clean.  It would be great to also get some freezer cooking done.  I know that the coming months will be very busy and I think it would be nice to have some meals ready ahead of time.

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