Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Junk Drawer

Today, in honor of my first official day in almost a week that I have been able to get up and move with some amount of consistently, I decided to organize the junk drawer in the kitchen.  In my opinion, everyone needs a junk drawer.  There are organized people out there who say that no one should ever have a junk drawer, closet, or room.  Blasphemy!  Everyone needs a spot to put those items that just don't quite have a dedicated home.  Thus, the junk drawer would be their new "dedicated home."  Maybe we should just rename the junk drawer:  "The I-Can't-Find-Anywhere-Else-To-Put-It Drawer."  There.  That should make the junk drawer nazis happy.  Get back on subject, Heather.

At any rate, I decided that it was long past time for my junk drawer to be "reevaluated."  Here's what it looked like:

After I took everything out of it and placed it on the counter, I had a pile that looked like this:

I then cleaned out the drawer very well.  (How did I manage to get crumbs in a drawer that I barely even use?)  And then I covered that horrendous blue liner with a nice, neutral tan shelf liner.

After fighting with the liner, and subsequently giving up on that last air bubble, I started sorting the items on the counter.  I trashed a lot of stuff, like plastic eating utensils, that I never use.  I moved some items to the craft room/office, like paint, paint chips, extra hardware that goes to my shelving unit in my office, and a couple different kinds of glue.

Lastly, I arranged some dollar store baskets in the drawer and started sorting!

On the upper left hand side of the picture, I have "coozies" for canned or bottled drinks.  Right below the coozies, are my kebob skewers.  I always keep packing tape and masking tape on hand.  In the upper right hand drawer is one of my many flashlights, my seed packets for this year's garden, and some ear plugs.  Below that are some random remotes, clothespins, Command hooks, nail clippers, lip balm, and a cell phone charger.

Doesn't it look so much better?!?  I challenge y'all to organize your junk drawers, too!

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