Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Summer Break!

I know I haven't posted in...forever, but I have been busy with working and studying for finals.  And, well, Anatomy and Physiology grades have posted.  Guess who earned an A.  ME!!!!  I did a little happy dance around the office and then I realized that I only have 4 weeks of summer break before summer semester starts.  I'm taking Statistics this summer.  Yay.

I have alot going on between now and June, but I am optimistic that I can effectively juggle work, play, and home clutter control and maintenance.  :)

My main area that I want to work on this next month?  The office.  My desk is embarrasingly cluttered.  Seriously, I couldn't find something on there if I wanted to.  I would do a before/after post for the blog, but truthfully, I can't bring myself to take pictures of this space until after I get it lookin' purdy.

So, hopefully I will be back soon with more interesting posts, but for now, I just wanted to check in and say, "HI!!!"

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