Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Theme Month Intro

Happy August, y'all!  Before we know it, we will be dusting off our "witchy" Halloween decorations!  I cannot wait until Fall.  I feel so ALIVE and energized during that time of year.  And I like hoodies.  :)

Anywoo, over the last few weeks, I have been trying to brainstorm different directions that my blog could take.  Do I want to continue to use it as a personal diary/place to spill random thoughts and observations about my journey to organization?  Do I want to instead focus more on making the process of learning to organize more fun?  Do I want to expand and grow my blog?  My answer?  Yes.  Yes to all those above questions.

I know if I continue to chronicle my journey here, I would feel more obligated to continue keeping my systems in place.  It's like a checks and balances system for me.  But, I know if I don't make the process of learning to maintain organizational systems fun, then I will totally abandon it.  (Like every other time I have attempt to "do it right this time.")  Therefore, I decided to invite all of y'all that read my blog to join me as I find out what works (and what doesn't) in what I am calling:


Catchy, huh?

I have decided that for the next five months, I will have a special and specific theme that I/we will be working on.  My goal is for my house to be more organized and clean by the time the holidays roll around this year.  This way, my loved ones and I can focus on traditions and activities that are special to us.

For August I will be focusing on mail, paperwork, filing, and finances.  I have made up spreadsheets and nifty tables that I will be glad to share with y'all.

Get excited, people!  It's gonna be a GREAT month!

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