Sunday, September 9, 2012

Great Expectations

Ever since I have decided to give myself a break on my self-imposed "great expectations," I feel much more at ease with any progress I make in the house.  Before, I told myself that I must clean/pick-up/declutter for 15 minutes per day.  It sounds good in theory, but after being awake for 24+ hours and dragging my ass home after working 13+ of those hours, the last thing I'm going to do is clean for 15 minutes.  Just sayin'.  Other times, I'm just busy or otherwise occupied (Pinterest is a HUGE culprit.) and I just don't get around to doing much of anything.  Next thing I know, my house looks like a episode of "Hoarders:  The Beginning."

Since my epiphany and subsequent "line in the sand" post from Friday, I have made an effort to not expect too much out of myself.  It makes the feeling of failure much less acute and I can feel better on what DID get done and not focus on what DIDN'T.

Hopefully this new mindset will be more beneficial to me than such a regimented task list that I once imposed upon myself.

By the way, today I climbed on a kitchen chair and decluttered and cleaned the top of my fridge.  I also moved some items around in my kitchen that put them in a more sensible place.

I inherited some pieces of vintage pyrex/bakeware from my great-grandmother (which I originally had stored in a very accessible place in my kitchen) and a creepy looking cookie jar from my great-great aunt.  I adored both of these women and they were a true testament of strong, intelligent women.  I will never use the items that I inherited, yet I can't bring myself to sell/donate them.  So, I put them where they will not be in my way and I can keep them until I can figure out a use for them.

I also spent about an hour picking up and cleaning other random areas of the house.

I feel good about today and that is what matters.  :)

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