Friday, March 2, 2012

Feelin' Good Friday: Gratitude Journal

I believe that many times we take all of our blessings for granted.  We grumble about how often we have dirty dishes, but we should be thankful for those dirty dishes because that means we have food.  We gripe about the never-ending laundry that piles up, but that means that we have enough clothing to wear.  We moan and complain about how tough work was today, but that means that we have a job.  In today's economy, just having a job is a wonderful blessing.

Over time, we forget how truly blessed we are.  It's easy to do.  In an effort to not take "the little blessings" for granted, I try to write in my Gratitude Journal.  Each day, before I go to bed, I make a note of 3 to 5 different things that I am thankful for from that day.  I could write hundreds of things that I'm grateful for, but then I would never write in my journal.  *Grins*

It is a small task to write these few items down.  But looking back over time, it is nice to see that I, indeed, have a good life.

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